Russian TV journalist Leonid Parfenov, speaking on freedom of the press:

Federal channel reporters don’t see officials as newsmakers but rather as bosses of their boss. Legally speaking, in the case a reporter is no longer a journalist but rather a state employee that worships submission and service.
Seven time zones east of Moscow, in the Russian city of Khabarovsk, there was a small flash mob in Lenin square. About a hundred students gathered with their mouths taped shut, in effect saying: “We have no voice."

Meanwhile, Julian Assange is excerpted in Harper’s, speaking about the potential (and probable) disappearance of history (knowledge) as archives become overwhelmingly electronic (fluid): “He likened it to the Russian rewrites of history, though power, as we know, routinely rewrites history to suit its purposes, his point was that the information on the web disappears without a trace, making any future retrieval or recovery in different times impossible.”